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About me

Angels and spirits have been speaking to me for as long as I can remember. They have so many ways to make themselves heard. When I was really little, they came through my dolls and stuffed animals. Later through dreams and meditations. I also hear them daily as a thought in my head. Sometimes I feel them strongly, sometimes I see them. They are always present.

When I was in my early 20s, the trance came to me. Trance is the part of my spirituality that feels so easy and natural to me. I hand over my body, my head and my voice to an angel who can thus speak directly to those who will receive the messages.

I’ve been teaching for as long as I can remember. They have adapted the method to my age and where I am in life. I have been taught through pendulum, autoscript, dreams, meditation and through my trance.

I have been trained in the Crystal Castle that I wrote about under Angelic Messages. There I have been taken care of by silver veils, teachers, spirits and above all angels. I’ve been deep down in their infinitely large library and I’ve been at the very top of floors that connect us to Mana.

I have also been taught deep down in the earth. In fantastic rooms and caves. There, Mother Earth (Sorah) and other earth angels have taught me about the healing darkness, the important balance and connection between heaven and earth.

One of the things that was imprinted on me early on was that I wasn’t allowed to read books or absorb a lot of things from other mediums. They wanted me “clean” and unaffected. I would be taught directly from the source.

Some of the things I was taught to do;

  • Clean houses from negative energies/spirits stuck there
  • Helping spirits to the other side
  • Receiving messages from the other side
  • Working with our inner child
  • Give healing
  • Balancing energies
  • Going through old lives (regression)
  • Toning, balancing and replenishing through amazing tones
  • Helping others develop their own spirituality
  • Teaching others through messages and trance