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Spiritual development

Spiritual development

In order to become who you really want to be, you have to accept who you are.

For me, spiritual development is a kind of dance that you do with your soul, your spirit and your person.

Trying to write briefly about what spiritual development really means is a tremendous challenge. It is personal and intimate. You become naked and skinless. It involves searching inside yourself and facing stops, frustrations and emotions you don’t really want to feel. Spiritual development is challenging.

What you get is a tremendous gift. A self-knowledge and an insight into your whole self that will move you forward and onward.

Your spirit and your person go hand in hand. They belong together. One cannot be without the other. As I have learned, we should not try to make them merge. Our life now is human and the lessons we need to learn are human. The better we get to know our person, the more room we have for our spirit. We hear her better, we feel her presence. We learn to let her guide our choices and lead us forward.

Our goal will be a life of symbiosis, while clearly distinguishing between spiritual and human. A life in balance and with a calm that comes from deep within.

During a period of powerful spiritual development, we can dream very vivid dreams that we then forget. We can bring up old memories and thoughts. These we shall try to see, feel and then let go of. The dreams may seem scary and horrible, but don’t let it scare you because it’s a sure sign that you’re leaving your old self and becoming new.


We are working on purging. We work with unprocessed memories and events that have caused blockages and cell memories. These memories can come from your current life or from past lives. Too much trapped “junk” often causes physical pain and tension. Cleaning and balancing work so closely together that it can be difficult to see what needs to be done first, cleaning or balancing. Have faith. It will be in the order you need in this now.


After purging, we work on balancing. We are actively working with the Jordningen. Mother Earth helps us. We get roots or we can travel deep into the earth. In order to assimilate heavenly knowledge, we must stand firm on earth. The downward channel must be as clean as the upward channel to Heaven. The foundation of our development begins here, in the equilibrium.


After purging and balancing, we fill up. We fill ourselves with light and with power. We need time, trust and rest. We must give ourselves time to reflect, time to heal and time to understand. We need to have confidence in our own abilities. You are so much bigger than you know. Trust that our angels are always behind you, ready to receive you if you fall. Vila. Sit at your inner source and marvel at your own greatness.