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There is no power like your power. Believe in yourself. Within you is everything you need to reach your highest self.

Healing. The ability to heal and to allow oneself to be healed. To let body and soul come into harmony. Letting cells vibrate until they find the right one.

Listening attentively to yourself. Listen to what your body is telling you. Listen for the words whispered deep inside your soul.

Healing is the ability to forgive oneself and others.

It is to see everything within, both the negative and the positive, and accept it with love.

Healing is when you let go and let our angels come to you during meditation or quiet moments. You don’t need to see, hear or feel them. You just need to know they’re there. For you. Always.

Healing is when you balance yourself. Let Mother Earth and Father Heaven meet in you, their child, Man.

With healing you can heal physical difficulties and pains in your body and you can heal and heal your mind and soul.

Faith, balance and love

When you work with healing, whether you are giving or receiving, the most important thing is that you believe. That you have confidence that everything will work out.
You need to be balanced to achieve a full sense of freedom, of healing. Sometimes you can use healing to become balanced.

Feel love for yourself. Love the energies around you.

Keshoro Kashunga

An amazing healing and balancing that I learned from a spiritual Shaman many years ago is called Keshoro (heaven) Kashunga (earth).
It involves standing, preferably outside, under the moon. The arms hang out to the sides and the head is held high. Still you think Kashunga and feel the power of the earth being pulled up through your legs and arms. All the way through the body and out of the crown chakra. Then you let your hands come up over your head, stretching towards the sky. Now you think Keshoro and feel the power being pulled down from the sky through the crown chakra, out through your whole body and then into the earth. Do this until it feels finished. Sometimes the whole body sways. Just let go and let the enegies rule.
In this way you get a cleansing, a balancing and an amazing healing.