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The key to development, both human and spiritual, is time. Trust. Vila.
All development happens at exactly the pace you need right now.
Dare to take the first step on a new path.

I have worked in many different ways over the years to learn and to settle into the spirituality that is mine.

When you come to me for a consultation, it will be like a journey that we take inside you. Your energies speak to me, your soul, your person and your spirit let me know what you need. My angels listen and heal you through my hands and my energies.

It is very difficult to describe what happens, but it is always what is needed at the time. I may need to talk about blocks in your current life, I may need to go back to old lives. I hear, see and feel with and in you in the moment you are with me. Sometimes I tone, sometimes I go into a trance even during individual consultations. This is my way of working during our travels otherwise.

The important thing to know when you come for a consultation is that what I tell you is only a very small part of the treatment. The great and amazing part is what happens inside you. With your energies and your cells.

I have three different kinds of consultations that I work with now. I have written about them below. Find out what suits you best.

If you can’t come to me, I can also give Healing and Angel Messages remotely. We can have phone contact, meet via facetime or skype.

You can make an appointment for healing and angel messages by pressing the book direct button under the contact tab.

If you want to join a trip, these are still offered in and around Stenungsund. If so, please send me a message by email or use the contact form in the contact tab.

Healing and Angelic Messages

I work with energies that reach all the way into your body and soul. I balance, cleanse and re-energise you. I see your blockages and help you unblock them. All at the pace you can handle.
My angels speak to your spirit and make sure you get what you need right now. Helps you choose the right path. To dare to take the first steps on a new path. Perhaps you need help with your own development, both spiritual and human. Sometimes I go into a trance, but mostly I convey their words.
Every consultation will be different, because they will be exactly what they are meant to be for you at the time you are with me. Before you come, the angels may prepare you and you may feel some thoughts and emotions that you are not really used to, or you may dream a lot. This is just as it should be and a preparation for the work we will do when you are with me.
Keep in mind that any development will happen at the pace you need. As your soul and spirit think you need, for man tends to be a little afraid or slow sometimes. No one knows what you need better than your own inner self. I’ll help you get in touch with it.

1500 SEK for a session of about 50 min.
750 SEK for a session of about 25 min.


These occasions, which I call trips, are done in groups. Here I work a lot through the trance. I will first talk about what the angels are conveying and then I surrender to them in trance and they speak and tone through me.
These journeys open up the gateway between the worlds and different universes and dimensions that touch the participants in the moment.
Participants sitting in a circle are cleansed, balanced and replenished. These trips allow them to renew and let go of the old. A trip that must be made through a conscious choice as the ticket can be quite expensive, but the goal worth every sacrifice. What they mean by an expensive ticket is that the more evolved you become, the harder it is for you to go against your own best interests. You may have to make choices that will be hard in the moment but so good for you in the long run.

350 SEK per session or 300 SEK per session if you buy a card.


These occasions, which I call Crystal Castle Trips or Big Trips, are like a taste of the usual trips. A great journey focuses more on cleansing, upgrading and replenishing to develop spirituality and find the human being.
Here, too, I work a lot in trance.
I call them crystal castle trips because we often end up in the crystal castle during these trips. I have written about the crystal castle in the angel message tab.

What you invest in these trips I write in the invitation per time.

Trance session

A treatment where you get unique opportunities for transformation and healing. At this reading we will first have a preparatory talk and then I will hand over to the angels who will speak through me.

This is an in-depth healing session where the process continues long after the treatment session.

We work mentally, physically, spiritually and psychologically. We can work with past lives and we work with grounding, balancing chakras and optimizing energy flow.

I can fade to really get into the depth and balance. The big difference between this treatment and healing and angelic messages is that here I go into a trance and you talk directly to the angels. After the treatment, we talk about what happened and you have the opportunity to ask questions.

This treatment is for those who are already open and feeling their spirituality. You don’t have to be experienced or work spiritually yourself. The most important thing is that you feel ready and receptive. When you come to me, I’ll know if it’s right for you. If it’s too early for you, I’ll tell you about it so we can do healing and angel messages instead.

2300:- (60-80 min)