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Angel message

Angel message

I heard the voice of my angel. It came from deep within me and high from above. Listen to me, she said. I feel your pain as if it were my own. You are me and I am you. Close your eyes and let me take you wherever you need to go in this now. I’m with you. Always.

I work with a number of different angels. I have got names of many but not all. The Angels who have chosen me as their channel are all Archangels or very powerful Angels. Their light is amazing and their words and tones cause the cells in the body to vibrate, purify and heal.

The angels whisper in my ear, they sing within me, they let me see and feel everything I need to develop myself and to help others.

They show me with words, images and emotions where healing needs to happen and why. They tell me how to start the healing. They let me fade and leave messages. Whole and clean. Heal and develop. Give homework and explanations.

Some of the angels I work with are:

Sorah- Another name for Mother Earth. She leads us down and into the earth. Lets man rest here and heal in the safe darkness.
Mikael- He protects us. He leads the work here on earth and beyond. He leads several of the other angels. For me he is the Light.
Gabriel- An angel who interacts with our spirit and soul. When he speaks, the world outside stills. He leads and we follow.
Laurna- He shows parallel worlds and energies that are difficult for our human minds to grasp. He shows that we can work not only upwards, downwards and inwards, but also backwards and forwards. He can bend and shape the energy wires within us. He can work then and now at the same time.
Rafael- He’s healing. Healing energies. When he puts his hands on your body, you feel it all the way to your core.
Sauriel- He works through light and love. He has his sword but works by melting the evil out of our body and mind.
Nathanael- He asks you to say yes to him. When you do, he will lead you where you need to go in your life. He’s looking out for your best interests whether you understand it or not. He is incredibly powerful. He works a lot with the feminine and masculine energies in us and works for their fusion.

Crystal Castle

Far out in some universe, in some dimension, lies the Crystal Castle. An infinitely large castle with pinnacles and towers, lots of floors and rooms. The castle shimmers and is surrounded by a soft, safe and protective darkness.

Here I have been taught by spirits and angels for many, many years. At first I was only allowed downstairs in certain rooms and as I learned and developed, I was given access to more rooms and eventually all floors. Here I have learned everything. I’ve had books stuffed into my chakras, undergone rituals and listened to lectures. Insight after insight has come to me.


Mana. Heavens. Nangijala. Many names exist for this place. Here all energies are one. The highest and strongest energies imaginable. These are the energies of God. Bright and powerful.

We can sometimes get close to these enormously powerful energies. However, we cannot go into them because we would not be able to. Sometimes we fly quietly near Mana. The peace and tranquillity here cannot be described in words. This is the All.

The Light

The purest light. The highest energy. That’s what our angels do. Some call it God. Others have other names. I like to call it the Brightest Light.

Here we may sometimes rest in his hand. Surrounded by peace. The light purifies us. Heal us. Fills us.

It reaches us in so many ways. Through dreams, meditation and through healing. It vibrates into our human cells and can thus leave an impact on us in our human life.